What does perfect mean to you?

Perfect. A word that has so much power over us but at the same time is so hard to define. What is it really? Is perfect defined by something you judge with your eyes, your mind or by others?

Throughout history we have always strived to achieve being perfect whether this being the perfect mother, wife, student, child, employee or the perfect version to yourself.

The meaning of ‘perfect’ to you most likely has changed over the years and most likely this has changed significantly. As we change throughout time – society change so does the meaning of what makes us perfect.

During the vikingage a mans success was measured based on how many men he slaughtered on the battlefield. Luckily this has changed from how it is looked at today. Over the next few chapters we will dive into some of the areas where we in todays socity judge eachother on being perfect / having success in life and how this is measured.

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